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Nappy Ointment – Lavender & Chamomile


This two in one herbal nappy ointment will not only help protect and prevent irritation to bubba’s peachy bum but it will also soothe and calm should discomfort arise. You can use it as a change cream or as an ointment for irritated or red skin. Hoorah, less bottles in the change bag.


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This natural, nourishing nappy ointment contains a host of goodies to swaddle bubba’s bum in a protective layer. Containing cleansing Colloidal Silver and non micronised Zinc Oxide this cream provides a waterproof layer to protect against excess moisture and assist the body’s own natural defences and healing ability. Organic Castor Oil is an emollient and has an amazing  ability to moisturise and deeply penetrate the skin’s tissues, transporting all the other herbs & phytonutrients to where they are needed the most. Rich in EFAs it’s wonderfully nutrient-dense. Aloe Vera is another good transporter but it also cleanses, soothes and calms irritation whilst being cooling to the skin. Comfrey, whose botanical name actually comes from the Geek word meaning  ‘to grow together’, contains astringent tannins which have the ability to form a protective surface over the skin and with a high mucilage content it is also moisturising and soothing.  Wildcrafted Chickweed is a skin saviour, high in saponins it too has emollient properties and is also known for its ability to cool. Organic Chamomile is a gentle and effective herb that is often used to calm and soothe skin irritations especially red, dry, damaged or reddened skin. Organic Calendula is a well-known, very safe herb that has been used for centuries due to its skin-friendly carotenoids, it is both gentle and hydrating. Organic Lavender is well regarded for its natural plant properties, when it comes to the skin it is also very calming and protecting whilst organic Marshmallow Root is moisturising, hydrating and will help prevent redness. Wildcrafted Plantain is a very common and extremely safe herb that is often over-looked. It alleviates itching and as a natural emollient it soothes reddened, flushed or dry skin.

Our promise:

  • 100% natural and herbologist formulated,
  • cruelty-free: only ever tested on willing human guinea pigs,
  • handmade in New Zealand,
  • free from: chemicals, mineral oil/petroleum, sulphates, parabens, PEGs, GMOs, synthetic perfumes and fragrances.

How to use: 

  1. Get rid of the smelly stuff by undoing the dirty nappy (Sage Tip: hold that bad boy in place for a bit to avoid the ‘cold-air-must-pee’ scenario)
  2. Gently clean bubba’s bum thoroughly
  3. If possible grab some nappy free time – come on, we all know it’s better to go ‘au naturel’
  4. Apply the nappy ointment, then when your ready gently lift bubba’s ankles and slide in a new nappy and fasten
  5. Time for a hug and a kiss.


Water, Oils of Apricot & Sesame, Coconut Emulsifying Wax, Colloidal Silver, Zinc Oxide (not micronised), Organic Castor Oil, Extracts of Aloe Vera & Comfrey,  Caprylic Acid & Extract of Oregano, Organic Herbs: Calendula, Chickweed, Chamomile, Lavender, Marshmallow & Plantain, Chamomile Essential Oil.

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Suitable For

Sage Mamas, Sensitive, Vegan




Nappy Ointment, Nappy Rash


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