The Sage Apothecary - What we do

What We Do

The Sage Apothecary provides personalised holistic solutions from perfectly tailored herbal medicine prescriptions; to bespoke facials & skincare formulations.

Originally founded in New Zealand in 2015, the clinic and herbal dispensary moved to the UK in 2018 bringing its natural and holistic ethos, principals, and formulations along for the ride.

The Sage Apothecary is built on the unshakeable truth that everyone is unique – from their fingerprints to skin & gut microbiomes – you’re not a one size fits all solution and therefore your path to wellness shouldn’t be either.

“So no matter what we’re doing – whether that’s prescribing herbal medicine, designing a holistic skin treatment or formulating skincare – the bottle always starts off empty.”

Our Name

We agree, it’s a bit of pain when it comes to spelling out email addresses but there is a reason for it. The word ‘apothecary’ is an old term, stemming from the ancient Greek word ‘apotheke‘, meaning barn or storehouse. However, it later morphed and apothecary became more commonplace in the English language as a derivative of the old French ‘apotecaire‘, meaning someone who ‘stores, compounds, and sells medicaments’. As such the word ‘apothecary’ is synonymous with herbal medicine – the fundamental practice on which all of our products and services are based.

As for the ‘Sage’ part – well, not only is it a herb it’s all about harnessing the power of Mother Nature’s wisdom. She. Knows. Things.