Raw Superfood Facial £55 (60mins)

In this facial you’ll find all of the good (fabulous raw and unadulterated ingredients just as mother nature intended) and none of the bad (absolutely zero preservatives – not even the naturally derived ones).

After a short consultation we’ll plump for the ingredients that your skin craves the most, whether that’s things like the antioxidant-powerhouse Hibiscus (also known as the Botox plant), green goodies like Spirulina and Aloe Vera or anti-inflammatories like Chamomile. Whichever ingredients we use nothing will have been heated over 40 degrees to maintain both the phytonutrients and bioavailability of the botanical.

The facial includes: 

  • A Double Oil Cleanse
  • A Neroli & Aloe Vera Hydrate
  • A Microdermabrasion-grade Bamboo & Aloe Vera Exfoliating Treatment
  • A Raw Superfood Fresh Mask
  • A 10 Minute Herbal Massage
  • The Sage Apothecary Facialist Botanical Serum