Galium is both a valuable lymphatic tonic and diuretic. The lymph system is the body’s mechanism to wash tissues of toxins, passing them back into the bloodstream to be cleansed by the liver and kidneys. This cleansing action makes it useful in treating conditions which benefit from purifying the blood. In addition, it is often used as a remedy for swollen glands and tonsillitis, or any other issues that would respond well to lymphatic drainage

A kick ass diuretic it can be used to help treat urinary infections and support the kidneys. Cleavers are also high in Vitamin C and one of the higher forms of silica in plant form so they’ll support hair, skin and nails as well as connective tissues. Winning.

Cleavers water is one of my absolute faves for spring and quite possibly one of the easiest herbal preparations to nail. Not only that it has a fresh kind of cucumber taste which I love.

Here’s how to go about it – grab yourself a few handfuls of cleavers and rinse. Pop them in a jar of water overnight. Strain the next morning and drink. Pat your inner herbalist on the back for creating a delicious cleansing drink. 🙌 ❤️🌿