Did you know Lavender was responsible for the birth of modern aromatherapy? Its effectiveness in treating burns was first discovered by French biochemist René Gattefossé. Gattefossé, after burning his hand in a lab accident, quickly plunged it into the nearest thing he could find – a vat of lavender essential oil. Because it healed so quickly, and without scarring, it furthered his fascination with essential oils and he continued to experiment with them during the First World War on soldiers in military hospitals. He used oils of lavender, thyme, lemon and clove for their antiseptic properties and noted an increase in the rates of healing in wounds.

Oh and did we mention it smells pretty flippin’ lush, can help induce sleep and is a relaxant too. Flowers with powers…seriously, what’s not to love?  You’ll find it in our highly intensive moisturising and hydrating night cream, Bee Restored, and in some of our Sage Mama products too.